Bootstrap Studio V 5.5.2 is here now. Released on Feb 16, 2021

Bootstrap Studio V 5.5.2 is here now. Released on Feb 16, 2021

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Let’s talk about What’s new in it IN this version Bootstrap 5 (Beta 2) is here. Now we can create our website in bootstrap 5 (beta 2).

On top of that, we can convert our old design which is bootstrap 4 to booster 5.

Let’s see how to do that Let’s create a modern design in the bootstrap studio.

Click on New design | Name our design | Now select the Bootstrap Version | I have selected Bootstrap 5 (Beta) > and click on create > that all now whatever we design it is going to be in Bootstrap 5.

Now let’s see how to convert our old design into Bootstrap 5 Open any old website which you want to convert. Now click on Settings > And simply click on Convert to B5. It will ask for a confirmation stating that “This tool will create a new B5 design, copy everything over, and recreate your pages with Bootstrap 5 component. Not everything is converted – your CSS, JS, and customer code is not touched. Your old BS4 design will remain intact.” And then you must click on convert. Now you can see a new file is been created and the outdated version is still safe. Don’t forget to save the new version.

After that, the second update is Language option has been added. From a design point of view, it makes no difference, but for search engines, it makes an enormous difference.

By adding this, the search engine comes to know which language is used on the website, whether in English, French, Kannada, etc.

The third and last update in Version 5.5.2 is A new "Website URL" option was added to the export settings screen. It replaces the old Sitemap Domain setting and is used when generating your sitemap and Twitter/Facebook meta tags. Let's see how to do that Click on export > and here you just need to type the URL of the website > let's say that’s it.

Now will move on to the significant changes which came in Bootstrap Studio 5.5.2 First, the version of bootstrap 4 has been upgraded to version 4.6.0 Second, this update is extremely useful for big projects.

When we use copy to multiple now, we have a search page option there, let's see how it works, Whenever I want to copy a component to multiple pages what we do is,

Select the component > Copy & Past > Copy to > Click on multiple>

here now we have a search page option. This option is especially useful when you have a hell lot of pages and you want to copy the component in 5 to 6 pages out of 40 to 50 pages.

So, this is a major update in Bootstrap Studio 5.5.2 which I feel is useful to share.

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